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Public talk at Spark Lab, Seafarers Building, Britomart Auckland

The Future of Fashion / 25 February 2015 #MyNewDigitalSkin

With the digital becoming increasingly more ubiquitous, what if your interface could literally become your ‘outerface’ or digital skin? What would you choose if the line dividing virtual and physical no longer existed, and your surface or skin could be any structure, pattern or form that you can imagine?

My project is about speculating and imaging fashion futures- creating innovative new types of surfaces, using new technologies. I’m interested primarily in what these surfaces will be, in how we represent ourselves- can we imagine a Digital Couture, bespoke handcrafted digital?  Can we touch the digital? Can we wrap/drape/enfold ourselves in the digital?  And what will that look like?

AutFashionFuture13      AutFashionFuture19